A Brief of Us

PT. Primamas Segara Unggul established in June 8, 1991. Our premises located within 5 kilometers radius of Surabaya International Port which is quite strategic for shipping industries. We are operating on a high standart of managing container storing, movement, repair, inspection, cleaning, and warehousing. The depot itself covers of an area of 60,000 square meters and our handling equipment is capable of stacking of 8 containers height. We have 130 employees who will give their best to support our customer need.

Statement of Facts :

  • We are one of the 3 containers depots in Surabaya who earn trust from Customs to be their Hoarding Yard.
  • There are 15 containers depot within Surabaya area, but our contributes 20% of the total container volumes which circulated in Surabaya

We recognized the reduction of supply chain costs is becoming important for any businesses to maintain its competitive advantages. Our warehousing and logistic operation will deliver the best outcome for our customer in cost reduction while also improves their service to their customers.

Today, our 24-hours service depot operates with a computerized system which will assist our business partner opportunity to serve its customers better than before.

Our Motto

The motto of PT. Primamas Segara Unggul as follows :

PT. Primamas Segara Unggul will always strive to build a better future.
Things to do to achieve the motto :

  • The company will continue to review and improve the existing service with innovative and effective solutions.
  • PT. Primamas Segara Unggul will always treat our customers as our partners for a better future to all of us, together with our commitment to excellences, and combined with our willingness to fulfill customer's needs.
  • PT. Primamas Segara Unggul happily always welcome any suggestions and ideas from you towards improvements that will supports your success as well as PT. Primamas Segara Unggul.